Computer Programming

Here are displayed a number of computer programming projects that I pursued at one time or another. Some are complete, some are not. I consider computer programming to be one of the highest forms of creativity available to me, for they combine the media of images, sounds and ideas. As such they reflect my vision with utmost accuracy.

Most, if not all, of these projects have been created for the purpose of keeping my mind occupied and sharp. I have little intention of using these creations for commercial purposes, or even to educate others through example. The source code of many of these programs is atrocious in style and cryptic in algorithm; so much so that even I, their creator, sometimes have trouble understanding it. However, if the visitor wishes to see it, he can contact me and an arrangement can be made.

Relatively recently I've started sharing my code using GitHub. Here are some of the more interesting projects from there (not all of them have separate pages for them yet, but you can look at their source code):

GitHub Projects

Other Projects


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