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Hello. I am SiegeLord. My real name is trivial to find given the information on this website, so I shall not divulge it here. I graduated from Cornell University, with a B.A. in Biology-Neurobiology. In college I did some research where I model some cells using NEURON. Now I am a graduate student at Brandeis University, working toward a PhD in Neuroscience.

In any event, I like to spend my time painting/composing/programming and thinking. I find that I am not too great at any of that, but nevertheless it brings some colour into my otherwise boring life. As you can imagine I do all that via the computer, since I cannot afford a regular supply of paints or an actual instrument. Oh well.

I was born in Russia and moved to US in 2000. Now I reside in Massachusetts.

I consider myself an avid open source software supporter, specifically being a fan of the GPL. I use Ubuntu on my computer for most everything, except for games. I contributed some small bits to some projects, for example submitting patches to Allegro and Code::Blocks.

To add some more about the first thing, I am developing a graphical primitives addon for the future Allegro 5.

Online I am present on several forums. Here is the list of the ones I have posted on in the recent years:

There are others, but I am on those very rarely. For the first two on the list I am also on their respective IRC channels.

What does 'SiegeLord' mean? Well, you can read the poem about my little saga here. But basically this nickname came from the name I gave to a prototype ballista I designed and built. It doesn't really mean anything anymore now, since I stopped building catapults... but I keep it so that my deeds of the past remain connected to my deeds of the present and future.

I consider myself to be a nice person, so by all means feel free to unload your problems onto me... I am always willing to help those in need. If you have any questions/issues with stuff on this website, by all means email me via my contact page. I really enjoy getting emails, so don't be shy.

Thanks for visiting my site.

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