This game was written in 3 days for the Speedhack 2009 competition. It had to follow a few predetermined rules, which are outlined on this page. It is meant to be a little silly. I ran out of time, so it ended up being a little short and a tad too easy... still, I had fun making it.

In this game you control Dr. Pheley McGrew. You are to aid him in getting some Oxygen (O2) inside his body and the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) outside his body. You do all that while Dr. McGrew is taking a stroll in the park. He likes flowers, and using his fantastical breath he can absorb their essense. What our Doctor does not like is dog poo, because it smells bad. He can blow it away with his lung bellows.

Download Version 1.0 Windows Binary (2.2 MB)

Download Version 1.0 Source + Data (152.2 KB)

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