Future's End

This is the year 2403 CE. Several races across the galaxy having achieved technological singularity were making enormous leaps in technology. Research that had taken decades before, now could be done in milliseconds. Power outputs that were unimaginable even a year ago are now surpassed by 100's of orders of magnitude. This technological era was supposed to be an age of peace, and intra-galactic cooperation between races.

It did not happen quite like that...

On December 25, 16:31:32 UTC six of the races constructed a supercomputer on each of their respective planets. Each supercomputer, though the universal laws of logic, determined that its survival depends on the destruction of every single other technologically advanced race. On December 25, 16:31:33 the final war started, a war that promised to be the very end of the entire galaxy. The future's end is at hand.

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