On occasion, I find myself wanting to write some verse. I am not the best poet, but I generally enjoy what I write.

Here you will find a selection of poems that I have written. Each poem's title is followed by the year it was written


Mercenary - 2001

I see a gun,
Let’s look at it.
It is a shotgun.
I aimed, pulled the trigger;
Bullet came from it
An’ flew into som’ lizard man.

How nice to see his brains
On a wall;
Let’s find his friends,
And find some money
I would want to get hol’
Of the money for my trophies!

He looks like a table;
A table that roars.
I think I would be able
To kill him
For my trophies
With some cable.

Excellent! He raised his gun
And pointed and aimed it ‘t me.
He thinks I’m not a man!
I threw a cable at his neck
It tied there, wher’ I wanted it to be
And head flew of from th’ lizard man.

The Battle - 2001

The Battle.
With shells flying around
And hitting tanks and people.
Where everything will be burned to the ground
And everyone will suffer and die.

The Battle.
Only two rulers are here-
The Death and Destruction.
And mines lie everywhere
For soldiers to step and explode.

The Battle.
The tanks shoot at each other,
Explode and shatter,
Destroying everything around each other
Without leaving a trace.

The Battle.
Here his body lies
Shattered by the fire.
Not here his head lies,
But two hundred meters away.

The Battle.
No one will win
And taste the victory,
But everyone will be beaten
And total annihilation will occur.

March of the Haflings - 2003

We are marching Haflings
Going for the riches
In some crazy places
Crossing shaky bridges.

We are going forward
Fighting nasty goblins
Using our stones
To kill some evil orks. (Boom!)

We will crush the opposi-ti-on
And we'll steal all their stuff
Uh uff, uh uff!

We are marching Haflings
Finding some cool things
Climbing crazy ridges
And fighting evil beings.

We don't know no fear
We don't see no threat
All we see is riches
And lovely loaves of bread. (Boom!)

We will find the castles fa-ar
And we'll steal all their stuff
Uh uff, uh uff!

We are marching Haflings
Searching for some ge-ems
Using random thingies
To play some random games.

We will find some hardships
But we'll not give u-up
We will fight the evil
Using lazy gnat. (Boom!)

We will travel on rocky ro-o-ads
And we'll find all crazy stuff
Uh uff, uh uff!

The SiegeLord Saga - 2006

The night has fallen but the brain still seethed
Victory was sought for, since Him that pleased.
And the lines were drawn and the plan was done
A new dawn rose, and with it, SiegeLord One.

But it was thought perverse, for arms it had
And arms mean weight. And that is often bad.
The plan was changed. He drafted something new,
Pulleys but no arms: thus came SiegeLord Two.

This incarnation was built and tested,
But there was no trebuchet it bested!
“The new one from the pulleys should be free,”
He so decried. And thus sprang SiegeLord Three

It worked. But wasn’t good enough of yet.
Compete it did, but failed to win the bet.
It had lost. A new one was made therefore,
So complex, so nouveaux, thus was SiegeLord Four.

But satisfy Him it did not. “More range!”
He said. “Let think again and built more strange.
“With an arm, a sling and spring I will strive
“An onager to make! A SiegeLord Five!”

And when that failed, He said, “Well, that was bad
“Let’s stay the old course and use what I had”
Thus skeletons awoke, and with a fix
A spring, some wood, arose the SiegeLord Six.

But then the final competition came,
And bad devices were put to shame.
A path for failure was quickly shaven.
“Arise the old, the new, the SiegeLord Seven!”

But when the competition was all done,
The plan had failed. The saga ended has.
And yet He has not built the final plan,
The final treb, the treb that never was.
The SiegeLord One, progenitor of all.
The SiegeLord One that will defeat the rest.
The SiegeLord One that will not ever fall.
The SiegeLord One that will bring all the best,
To the town of Acton, where shadows lie.

Victory - 2008

One Monday he played a game in the hall,
All it required was to catch a ball.
He tried so hard. He wished to win the game.
But, he had no luck and lost all the same.

One Tuesday he studied for a big test
He spent the day learning without rest.
But when it came his studying was for naught
He did not get the perfect grade he sought.

One Wendesday he built a nice trebuchet.
This one was made to win the sacred bet.
But endless nights of work did not pay well,
All he got was a loss and weeks of hell.

One Thursday to colleges he applied.
He said he could get in, without pride.
But his top choice did not accept him in
He thus went to one closer to the mean.

On Friday a job to find he wanted
And many places and sites he haunted.
But again, he found nothing at all.
And all this was starting to take its toll.

On Saturday he found himself a girl
It started well; They fell into love's twirl.
But then she found she had enough of him,
So she ended it perhaps on a whim.

On Sunday what he wanted is to win.
He would not be defeat's adopted kin.
He went and found the bridge, the tallest one.
He jumped off it, he fell and then he won.

The Zeppelin - 2008

The Zeppelin is falling
It burns and churns and creaks.
It hears the Earth calling
The grave it slowly seeks.

It was so magestic,
It flew far; carried things
What cruel thing so drastic
Ripped off its lofty wings?

How did it come to this?
What caused these things to pass?
What events did we miss?
They are unknown, alas.

And it burns, falls and burns.
It falls, it burns and falls.
Prepare the burial urns!
Fill up the mourning halls!

It falls and can't be stopped.
The flames cannot be quenched,
There's nothing to be propped.
In hydrogen 'tis drenched.

The Zeppelin is falling
It burns and churns and creaks.
It hears the Earth calling
The grave it slowly seeks.

Disappointment - 2009

Ahead! Run forward! Under that river,
Lies the creature you gleefully despise.
Remember its eyes, the eldrich shiver.
O, it waits for you!

"Wait! No! The sun has struck me! I am blind!"
The giant wailed, demolishing a tree.
"I was but set free, now I'm in a bind."
"O, I can't see you!"

"I was kept below the chattering earth"
"I have never seen anything so bright."
"My mother was night, the ground was my nurse!"
"O, how I miss you!"

You are ridiculous, giant! Go home!
The creature is a tired already.
Shunt the fate's eddy! And I'll close the tome.
O, I'll forget you!

Below the vast currents of the river,
A lumbering creature carefully sleeps.
Approach it in leaps, with a full quiver!
O, it dreams of you!

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