Various Art

This is a collection of various art that I have created over the years. Many of these were spontaneous pieces, that took 30 to 40 minutes to create. Others took longer, and may even be incomplete. Many of these seem simple and abstract, but they fulfill my purpose for them quite perfectly.

For all art, visual or not, according to me has to accomplish two things:

1) Increase the mental efficiency of the artist during their creation and

2) Increase the mental efficiency of the observer.

The first goal is easily satisfied, since by transferring the thought from the mind to the canvas or onto the words the original thought is refined and focused. This process often represents a nontrivial exercise for the mind. The second goal is more difficult to satisfy. For an piece of art to increase the mental efficiency of the observer it must induce a feeling that is conducing to thought; through a combination of imagery and color, or sound and rhythm a feeling of awe or bliss is induced. Also an image may provoke a train of thought, and provide solutions to the problems that are faced by the observer.

Although these pieces generally satisfy both requirements for me, whether these pieces do so for others was not considered during the creation of these pieces, but if they do so it is by no means a disadvantage of the piece. Indeed true art fulfills the second goal for all observers.

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